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High Defintion television sets are new permanent member of the consumer craze. We Americans love our hundreds of channels and our 37 inch LCD TV sets. Football in HD brings those of us who wish they could be playing the game as close to the huddle as we are going to get. HDTV is almost like being on the field.

Retail security companies are using LCD TV's to accompany corporate CCTV systems. LCD monitors are great for the desktop or wall, and LCD screens can be networked together to froma multi-screen big screen with almost unlimited viewing space.



LCD Televisions are sure to increase and than consolidate their control over the US market. LCD TV sets are already huge in the EU. The European Union prefers LCD monitors for myriad reasons. Europeans do not have the extra space for a large screen CRT television. Europeans also view a 32 inch monitor as a large screen, which contrasts quite obviously with US standards regarding big screen tv sets. Most Americans consider 42 inches to be the entry into big screen television. LCD or Liquid Crystal Displays are used most commonly as computer monitors. LCD screens are also used in the Ipod Nano and on the back of a JetBlue headrest. LCD TV sets are heavily favored to take over the world market because of there quality, durability, and flexibility of size.


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