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One of the electronics industries biggest sellers this year has been HDTV television sets. Various LCD or DLP HD television models are extremely popular, but Plasma televisions are by far the hottest on the market. In Novemebr their where over 400,000 searches on Yahoo alone, for the words Plasma television. It is expected that Plasma televisions will be the dominant force in both the home entertainment and retail security sectors of the market.

Retail security companies have seized upon the High definition of plasma televisions for important camera monitoring centers. HDTV is sprading way beyond the home consumer. DLP is really the only type of HDTV that is only seen for home use. LCD TV's are seen on work desks across the world. Plasmas are on walls across the world. DLP has brought us great picture, but unfortunately kept the old size problems of television sets. For this reason LCD and especially Plasma televisions are the greatest of currently made TV technologies.

Sony plasma television

HDTV Plasma Television

Plasma Televisions come in different models, makes and most importantly different quality categories. Well known brand names are a great way to know you are getting a reliable product. Sony has a lot more on the line when they sell you a TV than an unknown company does. Brand names do not ensure quality but they go along way twords weeding out unsrupulous companies. HDTV brands that we recomend are Sony, Samsung, Panasonic, HP, Dell, and Phillips.


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