Buy sensormatic super tag

Information about used Sensormatic tags, used checkpoint security tags, used Knogo tags, and new AM or RF security tags are available by calling 1-866-Hard-Tag. Security Tags refer to the sensor tags, hard tags, paper tags, security labels, AM tags, RF tags and other EAS tags detected at the front door of a retail location by a security detection system. These security tags serve the function of alerting a retailer that security tags or sensor tags along with the clothing they are protecting are leaving the store.

super tag

The Sensormatic Super Tag is the very best in Electronic Article Surveillance. The proprietary design makes it nearly impossible to remove without the appropriate detacher. Sensormatic is the leading hard tag manufacturer in the world. The super tag is the reason why. Supertag I and Supertag II are both great tags. Combo supertags are the best solution for retailers stuck with microwave systems.